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Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility Design Practices* - May 1-2
Design Techniques for Controlling Radiated Emissions* - May 5-6

Is getting your product to pass its
EMC test
sometimes frustrating?

Learn the inside information on EMC and how to design for it from the inital stage through final production.

Donald L. Sweeney, with 15 years experience teaching EMC design classes and 30 years experience in the EMC & Electrical Engineering fields, will be offering two courses at the Hilton in Northbrook, IL May 1-2 and 5-6, 2003.

For students to apply what they have learned from the classes to their specific produces, they are encouraged to bring a product, or a schematic, to a free personal consultation offered by the instructor or his associate on May 3 or 7. Classes will also be offered July 24-25 and july 28-29 as well as in October and January.

For more information or to receive a brochure,
call D.L.S. at 847-537-6400 or http://www.dlsemc.com .

*These are the same classes formerly offered by Don through the University of Wisconsin.

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Volunteers and Contributors Needed for The Electro/Information Technology 2003 Conference


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Central Indiana Section Sponsors LEGO Mindstorms Kits

IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium 2003

Newly updated classes offered

Offshore Outsourcing and Labor Importing Put the Squeeze on Jobs in the U.S. High-Tech Industry

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