CIB=Cyberinfrastructure Building
IN=Innovation Center

Friday, November 10

Time Location
7:45 AM, 8:30 AM Shuttle Leaves Hotel for Campus
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast and Registration CIB
9:00 AM Welcome by Geoffrey Fox, Interim Associate Dean & Chair for Intelligent Systems Engineering, SICE, IUB and Bradley Wheeler, IU's Vice President for IT and CIO CIB
9:30 AM


Zorina Galis
"Mapping the Human Body: Splitting, Lumping, and the Rubik's Cube Dilemma"
10:30 AM Coffee Break CIB
11:00 AM


The general topic of cybersecurity will be explored with respect to critical infrastructure and industrial systems, as well as the IT infrastructure upon which the Internet is built. Specific examples will be discussed by experts in the field who work with real world systems.

  • MODERATOR: Chris Foreman, Purdue University
  • Mike Cowper, Midwest Internet, Inc
    "A Brief Introduction to Cybersecurity"
  • Hany Abdel-Khalik, Purdue University
    "Falsification of Nuclear Reactor State Via Data Deception Attacks"
  • Chetrice Mosley, Indiana Office of Technology & Indiana Department of Homeland Security
    "Taking the State's Cybersecurity to the Next Level"
11:00 AM

Funders and Funding

Many engineering projects require financial support. Bring your funding questions to this open discussion with representatives from NIH, NSF, and the private sector.

12:30 PM Lunch
POSTER: Set up
1:30 PM Lightening Round Poster Session CIB
2:00 PM


A picture is worth a thousand words and animations are worth millions. Join us for a visual feast of insightful data visualizations and scientific visualizations that aim to support smart decision making.

  • MODERATOR: Katy Bӧrner, Indiana University
  • George Siemens, University of Texas Arlington
    “Educational Data Mining and Visualization”
  • Gabriele Guidi, Politecnico Di Milano
    “3D Image Fusion”
  • Christine Van Marter, Hub to Cure
    “Hub to Cure: Utilizing Technology to Aid in the Fight Against Rare Diseases”
TOUR: Data Center VR/AR IN
3:30 PM Coffee Break CIB
POSTER: Presentations IN
4:00 PM

Renewable Energy

This session focuses on many facets of renewable energy, including but not limited to solar initiatives.

  • MODERATOR: Niusha Rostomkolai, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • Nancy Connelly, Duke Energy
    “Interconnecting Renewable Energy with Duke Energy-Indiana”
  • Chris Ware, Hoosier Energy
    "Integration of Renewable Energy into the Rural Mid-West"
  • Ben Huckaba, Alpha Engineering, Inc.
    “Renewable Energy’s Impact on Power Systems”
4:00 PM

Employer Panel

Join this panel of representatives from Central Indiana companies to better understand the needs of engineering employers and the recruiting process. Learn more about the engineering knowledge, professional skills, and core engineering competencies that employers hire for in today’s workplace.

5:30 PM Evening Reception CIB
7:30 PM Shuttle Leaves for Hotel CIB

Saturday, November 11

Time Location
7:45 AM, 8:30 AM Shuttle Leaves Hotel for Campus
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast and Registration CIB
9:00 AM


Oscar Moralez, VisionTech
“Important Things You Need to Know to Help You Raise Capital: An Angel Investor Overview”
10:00 AM Coffee Break CIB
10:30 AM

Engineering in Biology, Medicine, and Nanotechnology

Selected topics in the field of biomedical technology will be presented.

  • MODERATOR: Helen McNally, Purdue University
  • Peter J. Embi, Regenstrief Institute Inc.
    "Leveraging Informatics to Create Learning Health Systems"
  • Donald Miller, Indiana University
    "Exploring the Microcosm of Your Retina Through Engineering and Data Mining"
  • Helen McNally, Purdue University
    "Scanning Probe Microscopy for Medical Applications"
  • Gerhard Klimeck, Purdue University
    “Visualizing Cyberinfrastructure Usage and Impact”
10:30 AM

Résumé Building and Networking

This 1.5 hour workshop provides practical strategies to maximize your career talents, presented in a positive and entertaining way.

  • Tarek Lahdhiri, General Motors
    “Tools for Career Management: Resume, Interview, and Networking”
12:00 PM Lunch CIB
TOUR: Science on a Sphere CIB
1:30 PM


Selected topics in the field of Internet of Things, robotic systems, and human interactions will be presented.

  • MODERATOR: Richard Voyles, Purdue University
  • Carlotta Berry, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
    “Multidisciplinary Projects in Robotics and IoT”
  • Lantao Liu, Indiana University
    "Environmental Monitoring using Drones"
  • Robert Nawrocki, University of Tokyo
    "Sub-300 nm Organic Bio-Electronic Skins for Health Care Monitoring and Soft Robotics"
  • Karthik Ramani, Purdue University
    "New Interaction and Interfaces for Design-Fabrication, Robotics and Other Things"
TOUR: Data Center and VR/AR IN
3:00 PM Poster Awards and Coffee Break CIB
3:30 PM Industry/Academic Collaboration Speed-Dating CIB
POSTER: Take Down IN
4:30 PM Adjourn CIB
4:30 PM Shuttle Leaves for Hotel CIB

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